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Around the World: China Around the World: China Added on: July 2005
Rich draws a character, then draws another character... What can they do? They go around the world, ...
Oh Max, he runs Oh Max, he runs Added on: June 2005
Max is a fat clambering bastard who never learns. When he goes for his daily run in his wheel, the r...
Jewish Dance Jewish Dance Added on: April 2005
Ah ha ha! We are very funny men! To be perfectly fair, I don't think anyone will find this as funny ...
Wacky Island Wacky Island Added on: March 2003
Umm... We made this on a laptop in the kitchen of a pub!
Happy Chappy Happy Chappy Added on: February 2003
Well, this is a song I wrote back in the good old days... And when I say wrote I mean made up as I w...
Michael and Brian Michael and Brian Added on: January 2003
I think this is the funniest thing I've ever made! I don't quite know why it hasn't been uploaded u...
Invisible Jim 2 Invisible Jim 2 Added on: September 2002
Yeah, and with a prequel comes a sequel. I think the whistling at the start gives you a better idea ...
Invisible Jim Invisible Jim Added on: July 2002
Right, for some reason I decided to give Joe premission to make something for JamesWeb... It's, umm....
Windows RG Windows RG Added on: August 2001
For the full Windows effect, you can now run Windows RG full screen by selecting it down the righ...
John The Multi-Coloured Singing and Dancing Snowman 2000 John The Multi-Coloured Singing and Dancing Snowman 2000 Added on: December 2000
I made another one of these a year later, and here it is... Slightly better than the first, but... W...

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