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Snowy Postbox!!

Want to email James? Thanks! You can! Right here:

[email protected]

But before you go asking me things, make sure it's not answered in my wonderful FAQ below:

What's your favourite sandwich? I think it's ____________.
You're wrong. It's tuna and mayonnaise. Stop asking.

Can I create a tribute to _____________ because it's great and I love you.
Yes. Yes you can. <3 Point me to the result when you're done, I'll love you, possibly put it on the site.

So hey, yeah, hi... Umm... I love your work, I was just wondering, right... The Windows folder in Windows RG...
No there isn't a correct password. It shows the password you entered to the world. That's the joke.

That's barely even a question.



If I made a new poll would anyone even notice?
I would!
"o-o" - Rylan Bowles »
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